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Let us simplify your business operations. While you focus on sales, we gently take care of your stock and help you efficiently fulfill orders.

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Fulfillment centers


Warehouses in Europe are strategically located in Poland, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Spain, United Kingdom. So you 
can get scalable and fully automated 3PL fulfillment services in the EU 
for the most satisfying prices.

Easy to work with

Once you are connected to WAPI, you get a simple and quick integration with sales channels. Now youl are able to manage all sales channels from one dashboard, follow your sales KPIs, and fulfill your orders in the WAPI system.

Fulfillment API Fulfillment API Fulfillment API Fulfillment API

We are integrated with

WAPI fulfillment in numbers:


Strategic located warehouses in the EU and the ability to offer 2-day delivery to 30 million households in Europe


Direct-to consumer delivery capability to 50 European countries in 2 days


We are able to package and ship 300k shipments montly

1 day

Fast receiving in 1 day


on-time shipping


order accuracy

2 days

of an easy onboarding

We are always ready to help

When choosing a 3PL partner it is crucial to have a team which is very attentive and responsive. And we are even more than that. Once you're connected, you get the guidance and never ending support from us.

Ecommerce fulfillment by WAPI

This is how it works. Easy

Start selling more by integrating your existing sales channels with WAPI, start selling via new
marketplaces in WAPI system or go for both at the same time.

Done in a few clicks — we will provide you with integration to any sales channel there is.
Enter your product catalogue into WAPI system and they will appear on a new marketplace automatically.
We will pick up your goods and bring it to the strategically placed warehouses within WAPI network all across Europe and the USA
From now on, we will automatically receive orders, pick & pack them and deliver them to the customer.
Are you searching for fulfillment in Europe and the USA?
We have a solution.
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We love everything eCom. Enhance your marketing skills, share ideas and learn how to lift your sales to unprecedented levels.

WAPI is integrated with over 95 shopping carts and platforms. There is no cost to integrate our system with your shopping cart or platform. Click here to see a list of our integrations.

Royal Mail, dpd, Hermes, FedEx, DHL, and Amazon Logistics.

Yes, we manage returns. Don't worry about receiving, inspecting, cleaning and restocking returned goods.

Yes, you should have not less than 300 parcels a month.

Since our system is cloud-based / online, you have 24/7 access anywhere, anytime.

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