What is WAPI

WAPI is LogisticTech company that helps e-commerce to grow globally. We made market penetration simple as it was never before.

WAPI is your tool to enter new markets in one week time. As simple as to order a cup of coffee.

Sell your goods online in any country you want, we will do all the rest. Integrate into our system and get instant access to 20 European countries. Access at the level as if you have your own branches there.

WAPI IT platform provides full transparency of cross-border sales: the client controls the whole process from fulfilment, customs clearance, certifications, stock control,delivery to the customer and collection of payments.

Moreover, thanks to the wholesale agreements, WAPI platform selects best delivery rates for each particular parcel. 

WAPI is the first and only on-line export back-office for EU e-commerce.

You sell – we do all the rest - simple, smart and scalable.