Tallinn, Estonia - March 24, 2020 -  WAPI OÜ,   fast growing IT integrator for EU warehouses and courier services, helping non-European e-commerce to launch and administrate trading business in EU, announces that it starts integration with the largest EU marketplaces in order to provide fulfillment services to the local European e-commerce traders planning to sell abroad.

Having seen huge demand from local European e-comm traders to expand geographically, WAPI Sales team, headed by Elvijs Trankalis, identified key marketplaces with the majority of the most dynamic and successful local on-line traders, who are interested to sell their goods not only in their country of origin but throughout all European Union. Now IT team is working on preparing integration with such marketplaces that will open road for the pipeline of interested potential clients to start active intra-EU cross-border sales.

Since launch in late 2017, WAPI IT platform already has enabled on-line traders to integrate by API if they sell using dropshipping and CPA models. After being integrated with WAPI the seller gets instant access to 16 EU warehouses and over 50 courier services.