Tallinn, Estonia – September 09, 2020 - WAPI OÜ, pan – EU e-commerce fulfillment platform, integrating warehouses and courier services in Europe announced, that Nikolay Barbanov was appointed Chief Operating Officer as of August 2020.

Alex Fridman, founder and CEO commented: “We clearly see that WAPI in on a right track and in right time to unify segmented European fulfillment market. Nikolay brings his profound knowledge of the problems that face ecom sellers while expanding geographically using omni-channel sales approach and selling on multiple marketplaces. We are happy to team-up and to combine our logistics experience with his knowledge of the client needs.“  

Nikolay Barbanov, newly appointed COO added: “I’m happy to join WAPI team and accept the challenge to build “Uber” for European ecoms.

As first step, I will introduce clear set of KPIs for WAPI logistics and IT that will enhance controls over the quality of our service.

Among the key priorities is finalizing the integration with over 10 European marketplaces within the next months.

Simultaneously our team will define the way of development of our warehouse management system (WMS) – either proprietary or in partnership with the existing market players based on profound business analytics.

These key steps will make WAPI platform fully automatic and scalable.“  

Nikolay Barbanov on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nikolay-barbanov/