Depending on the needs of the client WAPI can offer payments through merchant account or cash on delivery (COD) across all European countries.

Cash on delivery option in e-commerce is sale of goods on-line where payment is made upon delivery rather than in advance. 

The customer does not need to own a credit card at the moment of ordering goods on-line, so impulse purchases may increase as payment is not due at the time of ordering.

If the goods are not paid for, WAPI returns the parcel to the retailer. However, WAPI provides the highest buy-out rates on the COD market to its clients. 

The option to collect COD differentiates us from any other operator as well.  Also, WAPI offers the Lowest rates for COD collections.

Our clients can choose weekly or monthly schedule of money transfers, which helps them to better control their cash flows and grow their business!