WAPI Founders and History

Meet the Owners of WAPI

Alexander Fridman and Oleg Aingorn

Alexander Fridman is one of the two founders of WAPI and its CEO, responsible for all operations. Born in Riga Latvia, he got a Bachelor degree in RISEBA University. He began his career at the age of 13, working in the warehouse and logistics family business. His first job was managing excise duty stamps on the packaging of beverage products. Then came many years of engaging in various projects, sending out cargo ships and containers with important "waste-paper", transporting furniture, clothes, and bicycles. Logistics business was very successful with the volumes within 10 thousand containers a year. However, Alexander didn't just invest in family business growth. He helped it branch out and develop new areas, like the sales department and the customs department for Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

He also successfully built WMS system warehouses for large retailers, organized large transport companies that delivered goods from China and the US to European Union and CIS counties, as well as Japanese equipment Nissin, to build factories in Belarus. 15 years of experience in the field of warehouse and transport logistics, conferences in Beijing and all over England, partnerships with China, Japan, England, and USA warehouses.

When Alexander felt like he had studied and achieved all he could, working for his family, the idea of a personal business appeared. He always had a keen interest in hi-tech, new technologies, and the online world. In logistics, everything is individualized, thus leaving no room for scaling. Thus the idea of establishing WAPI started to be realized.

Oleg Aingorn is Co-founder of WAPI, responsible for Finance, Strategic planning and investor relations. Born in Riga Latvia, he got a Bachelor degree in RISEBA University, also began his career in the family business at the age of 13. However, unlike Alexander, his family found their calling in real estate. Over the years, Oleg got to be a part of many prosperous projects to a total value of 15M Euro. However, time went, the hunger for growth rose, and a new door had to be opened. That became a jump start to his personal career in the banking sector first as a senior banker at the largest bank in the Baltics and then, climbing up the career ladder with the greatest team by his side. Together with clients from Europe and Russia, they opened a number of investment funds, Trusts, to transfer assets, and worked on a plenty of successful projects. Oleg has long been involved in structuring client assets and operating activities, gathering teams that led large projects and helping clients develop their business, Guernsey Trusts, company asset management, and more. Aside from his work at the bank, Oleg was actively engaged in building his own company, investing in and developing start-up projects related to cryptocurrency, e-commerce, and more. His start-up project in development business is now 5 years old.

From an early age, both Alexander and Oleg were involved in different trade projects, but the time came when experience and desire to start a partnership came together. Both decided to join forces, and thus, WAPI was born.

Alexander and Oleg wanted to find a business that would not be standardized, so there is no need to adjust the system for each client, - a company that suits everyone and can be developed worldwide.

They began to search for the right clientele focusing on young e-commerce companies that deal with small packages/shipments up to 1-3 kg, trying to choose companies that don't have a high SKU (up to 50) and managed to jump on the right train just as the courier business received the status of a fast-growing one. Having been brought up in a small country, both were always interested in working internationally.

Large countries are mainly engaged in their personal development, because there is a large market, but Europe is not just a couple of large countries. So then how about an international company that works throughout the whole European Union providing high-quality service to its customers? More so, WAPI has an IT department that deals with software for warehouses, as well as develops and implements systems that facilitate online trading around the world.

Striving to overcome the frame of logistics in its usual perceptive and become more of an IT company, WAPI turned into a rapidly growing IT beast with a massive volume of courier packages (10,000 parcels per month in the first year of work)

Now, the next milestone is 100 000 packages per month.