How We Ship Your Parcels

Is it possible to ship a parcel from Germany to Italy in just 24 hours? Sounds crazy, but we are WAPI and we are crazy about ecommerce! So yeah, just give us 5 minutes and we will tell you how to ship anything in just 16 hours. Take a seat, grab your crisps.

First, we need to say that we have 2 partners: the warehouse and courier delivery company. The warehouse partners are responsible for pick&pack, while courier delivery partners are responsible for delivering parcels to our favourite customer.

 So what does the process look like for our clients?

Our client creates an order in WAPI system with details of a parcel: the amount, the type of a parcel and the contact information of the recipient.

  1. Then thanks to our WAPI system where all European warehouses are integrated we send this order to the warehouse. Actually, the warehouse gets the order automatically by the geographic restrictions. After the warehouse gets the order, our partners there start to pick and pack it. When the order is ready, our delivery partner grabs it. 
  2. The courier service picks up the order. The shipping label contains the address and the order goes to the buyer.
  3. If delivery is within the country, then the parcel already arrives to the buyer in 12-24 hours.
  4. If it cross-border delivery, then delivery through is going through distribution centers of the courier services

What we do to make our shipping faster and better:

  • We choose warehouses in territorial convenient places
  • We choose large warehouses and infrastructures that pick and pack orders quickly
  • We choose only trusted courier services

The key is speed. Everything is tied to the speed of the chain of partners. 

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