WAPI's Governing Council have become Bloggers!

It's important to understand that the blog features articles written by members of the Governing Council BUT the blog reflects their own personal opinion on a given subject and is not necessarily the official opinion of WAPI as a whole.

When I was tasked with creating a new cutting edge website for WAPI, I had no idea of the serious hard work that it was going to be.  As you may be aware, any organisation that is run via a committee is usually slow in making decisions.  This can be true of WAPI too. 

WAPI is relatively young in comparison with other associations and so it's only right that we show the old boys network how the internet has come on since they constructed their old style (dinosaur) websites.

So what does this new website do?

Well the main thing is that the whole site is constructed using CMS (Content Managed System) which allows different people in different locations to access the back end of the site and manage articles, blogs, pages, users and many other things.  Some of these things, I can't speak about as it is a trade secret. 

In terms of news articles, the site has 4 main sections, Press Releases, WAPI News, Industry News and the Blog.  The blog are articles written in the style of a diary.  The blog will be updated by members of the Governing Council and each GC member will decide for themselves what they wish to talk about in the blog.  What is certain is that any opinions expressed in the Blog is the authors entirely and is not necessarily the official opinion of WAPI.

All the articles whatever the section are capable of displaying images, links, Flash, Video and other media.  I have inserted a video of Dire Straits playing their very famous song "Private Investigations" to show you what I mean.

The website will have a section for WAPI members only and you will need to register to access those sections.  That section will have a variety of helpful downloads and resources for the private investigator of the 21st century.

New website means a new logo

New WAPI Logo

Old WAPI Logo

When discussing the new design, it became very apparent that a newly designed website would automatically mean that the WAPI logo had to be updated as well.  I have displayed both new and old logos side by side demonstrate the evolution of the brand.

As you can see, we tried to capture the essence of the old logo and evolve it to the new look site.  We went from a possible 16 versions of the logo before finishing with the one that expresses what WAPI is all about. 

What are the benefits of the new design?

The benefits are I think obvious;

  • The website will do increasingly well on the search engines for our key phrases.
  • That means that you will do well too as the site links to your website.
  • Better looking website more and better visitors.
  • Resources for WAPI members and visitors.
  • An increased ability to interact with both WAPI members and the public.
  • More new members.


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at 13:23 on 28th Sep 2009, Private Investigators wrote:

I think this new WAPI website is a good idea and is very useful  for the private investigators.

visit website

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